We are staffed with professional floor instructors, qualified personal trainers, nutrition experts and sports science specialists. Our passionate trainers are Professionally trained and pledge for a better Customer Experience.
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Highly passionate and qualified, Girish is a versatile dancer, trained in various styles and forms of dance since ages. He has choreographed numerous school and corporate programmes, plus successful international shows to add to his radar. Extensively experienced, he was on a world tour for over two years with a renowned dance troupe called Bharathi, exploring different facets of dance forms.
Girish, is also a founder of the reputed Zaal dance academy, and is actively involved in reality shows with the television media.
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Rajatha Girish
Energetic and vibrant, Rajatha is a trained classical dancer who has also tapped her expertise onto various dance forms. She has performed and choreographed various shows and events across the country. Rajatha, is also an artist in the television media, involved in daily soaps and reality shows. She has been the part of film fraternity in couple of projects, which has made her to be the proud recipient of the Best Debutante Award.
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Yashpal Gowda
Fitness Consultant and Nutritionist
Determined and focused, for Yashpal, no looking back from Fitness industry since his graduation. Been in the industry for almost a decade, he has trained many corporates, athletes and individuals, helping them to reach heights in achieving fitness goals. Specialized in taking a planned approach to fitness by a thorough analysis, Yashpal has been effective in running successful corporate wellness programmes, counselling and been a moral support to enhance the quality of lifestyle to many. His perseverance has earned him to be the acclaimed instructor for many individuals both, nationally and internationally. Yashpal is also a part of television media in reality shows and been part of film fraternity as an actor in crucial roles.
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Focused on promoting wellness and good health, Finix Fitness Studio works with an intention of eliminating common lifestyle diseases, caused due to the lack of awareness on best health practices. Having multiple health services under one roof, we are well-equipped with International standard equipments, long list of amenities and structured training approaches that will effectively help people in their fitness journey to reach a desirable result and, more importantly, continue to stay fit. Expertise is our forte. Specialized in-house people and consultants are engaged for supervision of gymnasium, cardio care, dance, aerobics, yoga, counselling and many more; just to set you FEEL YOUR BEST with your body and mind, combined!


With your membership, you can work out when it's best for you, day or night! Our centers are open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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